Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure or pedicure, gives our clients between 30 and 45 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. The process involves shaping the nails, tidying the nail cuticles, moisturising the hands and nails, massaging the hands and arms and, finally, the nails are either buffed or additionally groomed with nail enamel.

Many clients, both men and women, enjoy regular manicures to ensure that their nails are kept neat and tidy and that their hands look groomed and healthy. In addition, clients with damaged or dehydrated nails often find that a regular manicure improves the condition and appearance of both hands and nails.

Luxury Spa Pedicure

Spoil yourself or someone you love with this therapeutic foot and toe spa. Indulge in a exhilarating foot massage, and then have your foot revitalised. The process will include softening and removal of hard skin, tidying toe nails and cuticles. Exfoliation scrub and massages of toe and feet before applying moisturizing cream to tone to finish with a polish.

Nail Extension Treatments

We specialize in all types of nail extension. Our treatments include acrylic and UV gel extensions, and services at your convenience to include refills, nail art, re-shape, air brushing. We are LeChat Nail system certified and use OPI products to give you that perfect nail sensation.
Ask for our Pink and White treatment. Which will give you that longer lasting groomed look. Call in and consult our technician for all your requirements. It could be your first set, or a just an overlay, our experienced technicians will be happy to help.

Shellac Treatments

Shellac treatments are the latest craze, and we are proud to offer this treatment for the less demanding of customers who just wants perfect long lasting polish without the fuss about extensions. It goes on like polish, wears like gel and soak off in minutes.
We use the latest Shellac systems that offer the greatest performance and more variety of finish.

To contact us:

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Phone: 01865 841 300


  • Classic Manicure12(Nails filed, buffed, cuticles trimmed, hand massage, colour polish)
  • Classic French Manicure17(Classic manicure with French polish)


  • Classic Pedicure15(Nails filed, trimmed, buffed, colour polish)
  • Luxury Spa Pedicure25(Hard skin removed, Nails filed, cuticles trimmed, exfoliate massage, and colour polish)

Acrylic Nail Extensions

  • Full Set/Overlay29
  • Refills19
  • Take off and Re-do35
  • Pink & White Full40
  • Pink & White refill30

Gel Extensions

  • Full Set/Overlay36
  • Refills23
  • Take off and Re-do40

Nail Services

  • Air Brush7
  • Air Brush with Infills 3
  • Nail Artfrom 5
  • Single Nail repair3
  • Take off10
  • Take off & Manicure17
  • Shellac for hand nails20
  • Shellac for toe nails25